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How To Find A VIN Number

The vehicle identification number (VIN number) for a car is typically found in one of four places:

1 Front Windshield: The driver side interior
dash by the windshield
Front Windshield
2 Engine Block: Front or top of engine block Engine Block
3 Engine Frame: Stamped on engine frame Engine Frame
4 Door Jam: On the driver's side door jam Door Jam

These numbers correlate to the image below.

There are additional places where you can sometimes locate the VIN number - they are marked with an * on the image as well.

Typical Locations to Find Your VIN Number

Mercedes Benz 1 = Front Windshield
2 = Engine Block
3 = Engine Frame
4 = Door Jam
* = Additional Location

Here is a handy video to help you locate the VIN for your car.

Vehicle Identification Number - VIN Numbers
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