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About Theft of Vehicle Identification Numbers 

Free VIN Automobile History Report:

In the mid 1980's the Department of Transportation issued the Federal Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard to try to reduce the number of motor vehicle thefts and over the next few years several standards where introduced. 

1987: autos in this model year that were high theft were required to have 12-14 of their major component parts marked with the VIN. 

1994: the standard was amended to include multi-purpose passenger vehicles
and light duty trucks.

1997: amended to mark VIN major component parts: 

  • transmission 
  • front & rear bumper 
  • engine 
  • hood 
  • right & left door 
  • sliding cargo door 
  • right & left quarter panels and side assembly 
  • pickup/cargo box 
  • rear doors & hatchback/deck lid/tailgate.


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